Best Recruiting Platforms

Prospecting has become ever more dependent on technology to find job hopefuls. While many businesses still count on traditional methods to complete open positions, others use a recruiting platform to boost their selecting process and minimize recruiting costs.

The top recruiting platforms incorporate features such as candidate finding, job marketing, social prospecting, career pages and more as one streamlined choice. These websites also allow recruiters in order to their selecting pipeline and produce personalized email sequences to engage and attract applicants.

LinkedIn : The World’s Largest Specialist Network

LinkedIn is more than the professional network site; it provides database of open opportunities, an electronic resume system and an extensive hiring pool for recruiters of all sizes. It also presents equipment for finding and verification candidates, which include an employee referral program.

Chop – The Tech Employment market

Dice is a prospecting platform with regards to tech companies that assists in the hiring procedure through intelligent recruitment software, sponsored task posts and company marketing services. Its primary downside is that this doesn’t provide a free trial or perhaps free task posts, making it difficult with regards to small corporations to get started with.

Workable ~ All-In-One Talent Solutions for your business of All Sizes

Workable is known as a recruiting platform that helps businesses of most sizes streamline their hiring process simply by automating administrative tasks and providing standard support. The talent-hiring platform includes a various features including applicant analysis, video meeting with and employee affiliate.

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